Fitness Goals for 2022? Start Here.

By the third week of January, a startling number of enthusiastic resolution-setters have already admitted defeat. And odds are good those resolutions involved something relating to eating better or moving more. But the issue isn’t really the resolution itself — it’s how people go about achieving them, which tends to be disorganized and entirely emotion-based. […]

Everything to Know Before Starting Martial Arts

If you’ve decided that martial arts classes sound like a great way to challenge yourself in the new year, we’re right there with you. But before heading to your first class, there are a few things worth knowing upfront. Luckily, we’re covering it all. Read on for everything you need to know before starting martial […]

Five Reasons Martial Arts Classes are a Great Christmas Gift for the Kids

If you’re a parent, you’re probably thinking about Christmas gifts. But forget about fighting the crowd for the latest and greatest toys – you know, the ones that will be collecting dust on the shelf before holiday break is over? This year, give your child the gift of martial arts, and you’ll be gifting junior […]