Five Reasons Martial Arts Classes are a Great Christmas Gift for the Kids

If you’re a parent, you’re probably thinking about Christmas gifts. But forget about fighting the crowd for the latest and greatest toys – you know, the ones that will be collecting dust on the shelf before holiday break is over? This year, give your child the gift of martial arts, and you’ll be gifting junior […]

Martial Arts for Kids – Too Aggressive?

We are a martial arts school here in Reno with an amazing program for kids. And we hear often from the parents of our students what a difference martial arts has made in their child. They aren’t necessarily talking about their impressive technique, or the height of their kicks. These parents are telling us how their child’s […]

Ten Benefits of Martial Arts For Kids

Can you improve a child’s total well-being – psychologically, physically, emotionally – with a hobby? Survey says yes. At Freestyle Martial Arts Academy here in Reno, we’re advocates of martial arts for children. It’s why you’ll find twokids’ programs at our school. We’ve seen, again and again, the positive effects of martial arts on children […]

The #FMAcani Goal-Setting Challenge is Blowing Our Minds

Of the many hashtag promos and social media contests here at Freestyle Martial Arts Academy, never have we been so humbled and impressed and wowed than we are now. In early January, after Washoe County School District schools were back in session from winter break, we launched #fmacani. And the response from our students has been […]

Six Benefits of Martial Arts for Kids

How would you describe your child? However you’d describe him or her – a little bossy, maybe shy or hyper – chances are good that your child would benefit from taking martial arts. When a child practices martial arts, the important lessons aren’t about punches and kicks. The important lessons are the ones about life. […]