Effective, powerful self-defense with an emphasis on attitude. That’s what you get with the youth program at Freestyle Martial Arts Academy. Geared to kids ages 8 to 14, this program teaches mixed martial arts in an age-appropriate way. It’s challenging but not intimidating, and that makes little successes along the way so rewarding for your child.

  • Respect
    We live it. And we except it in return. True respect comes from genuine courtesy, consideration and thoughtfulness – and that’s a two-way street.
  • Concentration
    Kids learn to focus and block out distractions so they can master specific forms and techniques.
  • Personal Responsibility
    Our students determine their own success because they learn to take responsibility for themselves and their actions.
  • Goal Setting
    Martial arts has an ultimate long-term goal – the black belt – but there are lots of little goals along the way. It’s a sweet lesson in setting and achieving something.

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