Does Martial Arts Teach Children to be Violent?

On its surface, the idea of martial arts for children might seem a little problematic. Should we teaching six, seven, eight year olds how to throw a punch or kick? Does a fourteen year old really need to understand the art of submissions? Let us be the first to assure you that the evidence is […]

Everything to Know Before Starting Martial Arts

If you’ve decided that martial arts classes sound like a great way to challenge yourself in the new year, we’re right there with you. But before heading to your first class, there are a few things worth knowing upfront. Luckily, we’re covering it all. Read on for everything you need to know before starting martial […]

Three Reasons to Begin Martial Arts at Freestyle MA in Reno

If martial arts is part of your plan for 2018 – for you, the kids or the whole family – we think that’s awesome. Check out this post for four ways to find the best martial arts school, and then start here. Here are three reasons to start your martial arts training at Freestyle Martial Arts Academy […]