Martial Arts – The Ultimate Cross-Training Platform

Cross-training is the use of different exercises and activities to work different parts of the body, and the benefits are pretty impressive. While repetition has its place – muscle memory, improved response time and the development of specific skills – cross-training means more well-rounded fitness and performance. And get this. You can cross-train incredibly effectively […]

Five Reasons Adults Should Practice Martial Arts

We spend a lot of time discussing the benefits of martial arts for children, and today we’re taking a closer look at the multitude of reasons that practicing martial arts is a worthwhile endeavor for adults too. We could share many, many reasons, but for the sake of brevity, we’ve limited ourselves to five. Here […]

Will martial arts make my child violent or aggressive?

Teaching a five year old how to throw a punch, or a twelve year old how to wield a long stick may seem crazy. But at Freestyle Martial Arts Academy in Reno, and many other martial arts schools in town and around the country, that’s exactly what we do. And we’re happy to report that […]