Fitness Goals for 2022? Start Here.

By the third week of January, a startling number of enthusiastic resolution-setters have already admitted defeat. And odds are good those resolutions involved something relating to eating better or moving more. But the issue isn’t really the resolution itself — it’s how people go about achieving them, which tends to be disorganized and entirely emotion-based. […]

Everything to Know Before Starting Martial Arts

If you’ve decided that martial arts classes sound like a great way to challenge yourself in the new year, we’re right there with you. But before heading to your first class, there are a few things worth knowing upfront. Luckily, we’re covering it all. Read on for everything you need to know before starting martial […]

Martial Arts for Kids – Too Aggressive?

We are a martial arts school here in Reno with an amazing program for kids. And we hear often from the parents of our students what a difference martial arts has made in their child. They aren’t necessarily talking about their impressive technique, or the height of their kicks. These parents are telling us how their child’s […]

Reno’s Best Martial Arts Program for Adults is Right Here

Freestyle Martial Arts may be best known for its children and youth programs – and it’s not hard to see why – but it also offers an excellent martial arts program for adults. We’ve written before about why it’s never to late to join martial arts. If you’re considering the benefits of a martial arts program, […]

Martial Arts – The Ultimate Cross-Training Platform

Cross-training is the use of different exercises and activities to work different parts of the body, and the benefits are pretty impressive. While repetition has its place – muscle memory, improved response time and the development of specific skills – cross-training means more well-rounded fitness and performance. And get this. You can cross-train incredibly effectively […]