Danelle ClarkeRank: 5th degree black belt, purple belt BJJ
Position at FMA: Master Instructor

KJN Danelle began martial arts with her husband, Scott, way back in 2001. She took over the beginner adults martial arts program after earning her first degree, and now, she and Scott are running the show here at FMA! Danelle loves the sense of accomplishment inherent to practicing martial arts, and that it’s something she and Scott do together. She thinks nothing beats the empowered feeling she gets from a really great boxing round (hey, we hear you), and really loves the Freestyle community and the fact that she can share the awesomeness of martial arts with others. When Danelle’s not on the mat or looking after the menagerie she and Scott have at home, you’ll find her directing the Math Center at UNR, running (and hating every minute of it), and reading all the books.


scott-freestyle-martial-arts-renoRank: 3rd degree black belt, black belt BJJ
Position at FMA: Head grappling instructor

With 20 years of martial arts training and 16 years of BJJ, SBN Scott has had plenty of time to hone his craft. His favorite part of martial arts is that it’s constantly evolving, which calls for creative thought and energy to solve ever-changing problems and puzzles. For Scott, practicing martial arts serves as a creative outlet, and that’s pretty cool. When he’s not problem-solving on the mats or running FMA with his wife Danelle, you’ll find him managing their various pets, nurturing his vegetable garden or rolling on other mats in town for more inspiration.

eric dufurrena

Eric DufurrenaRank: 4th degree black belt, blue belt BJJ
Position at FMA: Assistant instructor for adults; assistant grappling instructor for kids

BKJN Eric has been doing this martial arts thing since 1980, and he’s dabbled in the branch of Tang Soo Do as well, where he’s ranked as a 3rd degree black belt. It’s the constant challenge of martial arts that keeps him interested, plus the people from all walks of life who are drawn to it. At Freestyle, Eric works directly with the kids in our youth program and jumps in to instruct adult classes as well. Then he takes off on his motorcycle to recharge before his next training session.


sue-hamilton-freestyle-martial-arts-renoRank: 3rd degree black belt, purple belt BJJ
Position at FMA: Program director

SBN Sue is the program director here at FMA, which means she’s in charge of just about everything. She’s been practicing martial arts since 2013, and her favorite thing about Freestyle is that it means she’s constantly learning, changing, and growing. When she’s not at Freestyle — “what do you mean, ‘not at Freestyle?!’ ” — Sue enjoys landscaping, playing with dogs, reading, and playing video games.


jordyn-freestyle-martial-arts-renoRank: 3rd degree black belt, blue belt BJJ
Position at FMA: Head instructor for beginner kids and Little Dragons

SBN Jordyn began martial arts in 2012, and she’s moved up the ranks steadily in the years since. It makes sense — for Jordyn, martial arts is about constantly striving to be the best you can be, and to inspire the same in others. Is there a better mindset for an instructor? We don’t think so, which is why Jordyn is a lead instructor in our youth and Little Dragons’ programs. On her down time, Jordyn likes playing with her dogs, spending time with friends and family, and dabbling in photography.


jen-freestyle-martial-artsRank: 1st degree black belt, blue belt BJJ
Position at FMA: Head instructor for intermediate and advanced kids; assistant instructor for adults

CGN Jen began her martial arts journey in 2017, but it’s never been a competition for her. Instead, she sees it as an opportunity for improve herself and those around her. For Jen, everyone at Freestyle is on the same team, but each and every person is on their own journey — and that’s pretty powerful. If she’s not at Freestyle, Jen’s probably walking her dog, fueling up on copious amounts of coffee and tea, and running her dog food business. Oh, and she’s probably trying to coerce her kids into another game of Scrabble. 


noelle-brady-freestyle-martial-arts-renoRank: 2nd degree black belt, blue belt BJJ
Position at FMA: Assistant instructor for beginner kids and Little Dragons

BSBN Noelle began martial arts in 2014, and she never looked back. And why would she? Noelle says her favorite thing about Freestyle is training and having “the best time” with everyone. And you know what they say — find a job you love, and you’ll never work a day in your life! When Noelle isn’t inspiring the little guys in her classes, she’s probably doing homework, hanging out with her pooches, and making as much time for friends as her busy schedule allows.


ashley-freestyle-martial-arts-renoRank: 1st degree black belt
Position at FMA: Assistant instructor for beginner kids and Little Dragons

CGN Ashley began martial arts in 2017. Like many of us, she was immediately hooked by the community and sense of camaraderie. To Ashley, it’s very clear that martial arts is mainly a solo sport, but seeing kids bettering their teammates and themselves is particularly inspiring. Like mother, like daughter, right? When Ashley isn’t training or teaching, you’ll find her writing, baking, hanging out with friends, and doing homework.

Riley Brenner

freestyle-martial-arts-rileyRank: Brown I
Position at FMA: Front desk ninja

Riley is the friendly face/voice manning the front desk and phone here at Freestyle. She’s been involved in martial arts since 2008, and she’s always been willing to do the work — she says that’s the best way to get the most out of coming to class. Fun fact: Riley may be rocking an orange belt at Freestyle, but she’s actually a black belt from another school! When she’s not expertly multi-tasking at the front desk, you’ll catch her doing various forms of art, baking, or reading.

grace beye

Rank: 1st degree black belt
Position at FMA: Assistant instructor for beginner kids and Little Dragons

GCN Grace started martial arts in 2013 and was immediately taken with the amazing sense of community. These days, she works with students in the Little Dragon and kids’ programs. Outside of martial arts, Grace is allll about Lake Tahoe — she’ll swim no matter how cold it is. She also likes spending time with her dogs and hanging out at home with her family.

eva o’kane

Rank: 1st degree black belt 
Position at FMA: Assistant instructor for beginner kids and Little Dragons

CGN Eva began her martial arts career in 2016. You’ll find her working with students in both the kids’ and Little Dragons’ programs. She’s another one who was drawn to the amazing community we’ve built, but she also enjoys martial arts because of the many life skills she’s picking up. When Eva isn’t hanging out at Freestyle, she’s probably playing basketball, spending time with her friends, or skiing.

shay bertz

Rank: 1st degree black belt
Position at FMA: Assistant instructor for kids’ classes

CGN Shay got his martial arts start in 2016, and today he works directly with students in our kids’ programs. Shay treasures the relationships he’s made with his training partners and enjoys the quiet sense of self confidence that makes him feel safe wherever he goes. If he’s not training, he’s either at school or playing the guitar in preparation for an upcoming performance.

zack gregovich

Rank: Brown Belt BJJ 
Position at FMA: Head kids’ grappling instructor

Zack has been involved in martial arts since 1990, and we’re so pleased that he’s running the kids’ BJJ program at Freestyle. He praises the structure and discipline martial arts has provided to his life and describes it as a “literal lifesaver many times over” in his professional life. Off the mat, Zack spends as much time as he can with his family, works as a graphic designer, and reads voraciously.