Staff Spotlight – Say Hi to Sue!

freestyle-martial-arts-reno-staff-sueManaging the front desk at Freestyle Martial Arts Academy here in Reno is no small task. And when our beloved Miss Karina graduated from university and officially launched into the big world, we had big shoes to fill. Luckily, and as we often do, we were able to turn to the many talented people training at FMA and hire from within. Sue Hamilton is our new front desk manager, and things are already going swimmingly.

A familiar face

Sue began her martial arts journey about five years ago. “My sister and nephew had started the program and told me I would like it,” she explains. At the time, Sue says she was depressed, overweight, and generally unhappy. “I figured I would give it a shot,” she says. And we’re so glad she did.

“It was the best decision I could have ever made in my life! It was challenging and engaging, but best of all, it made me feel alive again,” says Sue.

And if that’s not the most amazing description of how truly life changing martial arts can be, well, we don’t know what is.

Sue is now a first degree black belt, and she’s the friendly face behind the desk at Freestyle. You know, the one doing all the scheduling, contracts, organizing, troubleshooting, that kind of thing. “How I might assist people in their day to day needs does vary,” explains Sue, “but I would have to say that the main ones are providing flexible appointment times for introductory courses, keeping track of inventory and providing a top level of attention/care to all who walk through our doors.”

And that’s exactly what she’s doing. So what’s the best part of her new front desk management position?

“What I enjoy most about working with/for Freestyle is all the lovely smiling faces that greet me every day and the amazing people I get to work alongside with,” Sue says. 

Aww, back at ya, Sue!
If you or your child is considering martial arts, give Sue a call between 3 and 7 pm Monday through Friday at 746-3888. She’ll tell you all about our getting started offer, schedule a time for a school tour, and she can answer all of your questions about our program.

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