Three Reasons to Begin Martial Arts at Freestyle MA in Reno

freestyle-martial-arts-academy-kids-karateIf martial arts is part of your plan for 2018 – for you, the kids or the whole family – we think that’s awesome. Check out this post for four ways to find the best martial arts school, and then start here. Here are three reasons to start your martial arts training at Freestyle Martial Arts Academy right here in Reno.

The Instructors

All instructors are Freestyle have grown up within the school. We don’t hire from outside, so our philosophy and our curriculum is second nature to all of our instructors. From student instructors – candidate belts, primarily – to our leadership staff, our instructors are amazingly experienced and honored to be teaching a new generation.

In addition to being second, third, fourth degrees, our instructors are courteous, personable and professional. And you’re welcome to observe that for yourself. If you’re considering taking up martial arts, we welcome you to come and sit in on a class to get a feel for the teacher-student dynamics.

The School

We take great pride in our school, and that’s evident from the moment you come inside. Our facility features three spacious rooms, ample equipment for adult and children’s classes alike, seating for those who wish to wait off the mats and those who’d like to watch, and more. Freestyle Martial Arts Academy is a great place to train, and it’s easy to see the first time you visit. Plus, we’re easily accessible right off I-80 in Northwest Reno.

The Curriculum

The path to a black belt may be difficult, but we lay it out there for all to see. The curriculum for every belt, as well as, black belt testing requirements are readily accessible, so that you and your family know exactly what’s expected. At FMA, we offer guidance and direction to help you build skill upon skill, building you up so that you can work toward the ultimate goal – and beyond.

If you’re seriously considering martial arts for yourself or your child, take advantage of our introductory offerThere are lots of reasons that so many Reno residents train at Freestyle Martial Arts Academy, and we invite you to come and see them all for yourself.

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