Ten Benefits of Martial Arts For Kids

Can you improve a child’s total well-being – psychologically, physically, emotionally – with a hobby? Survey says yes. At Freestyle Martial Arts Academy here in Reno, we’re advocates of martial arts for children. It’s why you’ll find twokids’ programs at our school. We’ve seen, again and again, the positive effects of martial arts on children from all walks of life. Sure, there are physical benefits, but we’re always happiest with the improvement to emotional health evidenced by increased self esteem and self confidence, and decreased anxiety, tension and stress. Today, we’re sharing ten benefits of martial arts for kids. This stuff just warms our hearts.

  1. Improved focus and listening skills The ability to focus is related to age, and we’re well aware of that. We work with kids on their level to build attention spans, and we’re teaching them to focus while also improving their listening and reaction skills. This has a trickle-down effect off the mats too, and many parents are pleasantly surprised with improved listening at home and at school.
  2. Positive social interaction – Working as a team is a skill we all need to have, and developing a child’s understanding and confidence in his or her own ability to work and play with others is essential. With our activity-based curriculum and teamwork-oriented setting, we’re teaching your child that working together is a great way to reach a goal.
  3. Self control and improved decision-making skills Listening when others are speaking, paying attention in line, focusing on skill mastery – every day that your child comes to class, we’re freestyle-martial-arts-academy-kids-karateworking on self control and making the right decision. On and off the mats, learning to focus on the task at hand is an asset.
  4. Improved balance and posture  Our young martial artists learn body control through play and repetition, leading to improved balance and posture.
  5. Improved retention skills – Your child may not know it, but we’re working to improve their retention skills in every class. Soon, they’re reciting our student oath by memory, recognizing and repeating Thai and kick combos, and more.
  6. Increased self confidence – Positive reinforcement and new skills are a wonderful combination, and the result is almost always a child with improved self-esteem and confidence.
  7. Coordination – With their focus on body awareness, play and repetition, our classes help improve your child’s coordination.
  8. Respect – We model it, and we teach children to respect their teachers, their fellow students and themselves.
  9. Discipline and behavior – Class time is fun, but it’s also a time to work. Children learn quickly about appropriate behavior on the mats, and this often translates into improved behavior at home and at school.
  10. Learning to set and achieve goals through hard work and failure – There are lots of small milestones on the path to a new belt level, and it’s empowering to fail before succeeding. Your child learns the value of working hard to reach a goal, and that’s something that will benefit him or her at all stages in life.

There are many more reasons that martial arts is a wonderful choice for kids. Come tour the school, sit in on a class, speak to parents and students, and see for yourself the value for your children. Contact us now to learn more.

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