Reno’s Best Martial Arts Academy – And Here’s Why

Search “how to find the best martial arts school” – or any version of that idea – and you’ll get a bunch of hits that walk you through red flags and positive signs that the martial arts school you’re considering is worth the price tag. We don’t want to brag, but by those parameters, Freestyle Martial Arts Academy is the best in Reno. And here’s the proof.

  • Consider the school’s facilities

freestyle-martial-arts-renoClean, organized, roomy, professional – these are the hallmarks of a well-run martial arts school. Do the training rooms feature first aid kits? Is there room to watch your children’s classes? What kind of equipment is available, and what shape is it in? If your first impression of a school’s facility isn’t positive, be sure to carefully consider whether this is a reflection of its quality of service. Chances are, it is.

How does Freestyle Martial Arts stack up?

Freestyle Martial Arts offers three separate training rooms with plenty of well-organized equipment in excellent condition. Rooms are cleaned nightly, and you’ll find a first-aid kit in each room, plus a larger, more comprehensive kit behind the front desk. Our lobby is a comfortable place to wait between classes, and we offer bleacher seating in each training room so you can watch classes.

  • Evaluate the school’s instructors

freestyle-martial-arts-beginner-adult-martial-artsThe right instructor takes an interest in why you’ve joined not just martial arts, but this school in particular. Finding the right teacher will make the practice that much better. Find a bad teacher, and you’ll miss out on a lot. As a whole, school staff and instructors should be courteous and professional. They should make you or your child feel comfortable and welcomed.

How does Freestyle Martial Arts stack up?

Almost all of the instructors at Freestyle have grown up within the program. They began martial arts as children or youth, reached their first, second, third and fourth-degree black belts at the school. They know our curriculum inside and out, and they know what it means to be a student in our school. This is more than a livelihood – it’s a passion that they’re excited to share with you and your children.

  • Look at the students

freestyle-martial-arts-academy-reno-adults-martial-artsIf a school has a good number of intermediate and advanced belts, it means that the instructors know how to keep students motivated and engaged. Watch the dynamic between students and between students and instructors, and speak to students and parents about the school. Ask what they like about it and how long they’ve been there to get a good sense of the school.

How does Freestyle Martial Arts stack up?

Freestyle Martial Arts offers classes for beginner, intermediate and advanced belts at the child, youth and adult level. Our goal is to help each student on their path to a black belt, and we know how to keep children and adults alike committed and focus on their goal.

  • Check out the curriculum

A school’s martial arts influences and style should be secondary to the instructors and the class dynamic, but it’s still smart to learn about the skills being taught. What are your goals with a martial arts education? If it doesn’t really matter to you, opting for the best teacher is a safe bet.

How does Freestyle Martial Arts stack up?

Freestyle Martial Arts offers a mixed martial arts curriculum combining techniques from Tae Kwon Do, Muay Thai Boxing and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. The school is also an affiliate of Guerrilla Jiu Jitsu and offers a stand-alone BJJ program.

  • Look at the offer

Most martial arts schools have a contract for classes over a certain amount of time. But before asking you to commit, there should be adequate time to attend classes, assess the atmosphere and decide whether this is the right school for you. If a school doesn’t offer some sort of trial, consider this a warning sign.

How does Freestyle Martial Arts stack up?

Our introductory offer is designed to do exactly that – introduce you to the school and the program, give you a feel for instructors and class dynamics, and help you decide whether this is something you want to pursue. We take it a step further every January with Family Month. For the entire month, family members of any currently enrolled students can attend martial arts and even fitness classes for free. We’ll provide the gi, a private lesson and then you’re welcome to go to classes all January long. It’s a great way to make the right decision.

Of course, we can say whatever we want about Freestyle. The best way for you to decide if our school is the best place for you to train is with a visit. We invite you to check out our introductory offer and come in for a tour. We’ll answer your questions, show you around, and then you can be the judge.

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