Reno’s Best Martial Arts Program for Adults is Right Here

freestyle-martial-arts-academy-reno-adults-martial-artsFreestyle Martial Arts may be best known for its children and youth programs – and it’s not hard to see why – but it also offers an excellent martial arts program for adults. We’ve written before about why it’s never to late to join martial arts. If you’re considering the benefits of a martial arts program, here’s why it’s worth a visit to Freestyle Martial Arts Academy.

There are the obvious reasons, like the roomy facility with its three separate training rooms, great equipment like heavy bags, ground bags, mitts and Thai pads, and the experienced and proficient instructors. There’s the ideal location in northwest Reno, just off I-80 at McCarran. And then there’s the curriculum.

For many martial arts schools, children’s programs are the bread and butter. At Freestyle, we prioritize both adults and children by offering age-appropriate programs. And by that, we mean our adults classes are designed to teach adult-specific skills – not a “kid-friendly” version that we teach across the board. Adults don’t learn the same way children do, and our instructors take full advantage of that.

The benefit of a school that offers both adult and youth programs – assuming they’re able to appropriately tailor material to both – is the family-friendly atmosphere it fosters. When parents and children are doing a version of the same thing, it connects them. And that’s a nice thing.

Freestyle Martial Arts Academy is known as a black belt school – and it isn’t because we hand them out. It’s an achievement to earn a black belt, and to earn one at Freestyle is to know you’ve spent years working for it. Once you have, we challenge you to continue training, to shoot for the next goal. That’s why we have so many second, third and fourth degree black belts training and teaching at Freestyle.

Adult classes at Freestyle Martial Arts are offered Monday through Saturday, and we’re offering a Family Month special this January. Family members of any current student at Freestyle are welcome to test-run our martial arts program the entire month at no charge. Call the front desk at 746-3888 to schedule your private lesson, and you’ll receive your gi and white belt, plus an invitation to attend group classes for the entire month, at no charge.

If you’ve been watching your child from the bleachers, this is your opportunity to get in on the action yourself. You’ll likely earn a new appreciation for your child – because everything looks easier from the sidelines! – and you’ll be doing yourself a world of good. The benefits of martial arts for adults are many, and Freestyle Martial Arts Academy is an ideal place to take advantage of them all.

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