Three Questions to Ask Before Signing a Martial Arts Agreement

After one ninja movie too many, you’ve finally decided – you’re starting martial arts. That’s awesome! But before you sign on the line, do a bit of homework. There are quite a few martial arts school here in Reno, and they are not all created equal. Use this as a starting point for comparison – here are three questions to ask before signing a martial arts agreement.

You can begin your search for a martial arts school just by asking around. Look online for recommendations, and then make a few phone calls or take advantage of introductory offers like this one. Most schools will offer some sort of incentive to get you started.

Schedule a tour to get a feel for the school. And while you’re there, make sure to ask these questions.

  • Is safety a concern? How does safety relate to the school’s training practices?

Guerilla-Jiu-Jitsu-RenoExpect a thoughtful reply to a question like this. Your tour guide should be able to clearly explain how safety plays a major role in training.

And make a point of checking out the students – you’ll see pretty quickly if a lot of them are banged up, which may reinforce or dispute what your tour guide is telling you! It’ll also help you come to an understanding of how much body risk you’re willing to take.

  • How do teachers share their expertise?

It doesn’t matter how skilled the instructor is if he or she can’t effectively communicate that knowledge and expertise to the students. Your tour guide should explain class structure, how students progress and other details that make it clear students learn well. It’s also wise to sit in on a class to observe for yourself.

  • What’s the school culture?

freestyle-martial-arts-academy-reno-kids-sparringA question like this will lead to a much more subjective answer. Some schools are very focused on traditions while others are more informal. Some schools cater primarily to kids, others to adults. Some schools focus on a “no-ego” approach with no intimidation, while others encourage that kind of environment. An answer from your tour guide coupled with your own observations as you check things out will help you figure out where a potential school falls.

If you happen to tour Freestyle Martial Arts Academy, for example, and you inquire about our school culture, you’ll likely hear about the positive energy we strive to create. This is a friendly, helpful, comfortable environment in which we model and expect respect, discipline and focus. If that’s the kind of school that sounds right for you or your family, check out our getting started offer now.

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