How to find the best martial arts school for kids in Reno

freestyle-martial-arts-academy-kids-classesYour kid is begging to start martial arts. Awesome, right? Except… now what? How do you go about finding the best martial arts school for kids in Reno? Well, we may be a bit biased, but we’ll put that bias aside for a minute to give you a few tips on what makes a martial arts school a really great martial arts school for kids.

Spoiler: it’s not the price tag, or the facility, or the location that makes a martial arts really great. When it comes down to it, there’s one thing that matters most: the instructors. It’s the instructors that make or break a martial arts school.

Does that sound dramatic? Yeah, it does, but there’s really no way to overstate this. You could have the best facility in the world, with instructors that have the highest ranks, the most experience and the most well rounded martial arts backgrounds. It could be in the best part of town, with a monthly fee that’s totally reasonable. But if a school’s instructors don’t know how to work with kids, well, keep moving.

freestyle-martial-arts-academy-reno-kids-sparringThe most important consideration when you’re looking for the best martial arts school for your kids is experienced instructors who possess the ability to effectively instruct them. That means modeling the kind of behavior they expect in return. It means being able to explain concepts and techniques in a kid-friendly manner. It means knowing how to keep kids engaged and focused, without forgetting that they’re kids with energy up the wazoo and short attention spans. It’s a tall order, for sure. These aren’t skills that just anyone has. But it’s what a martial arts school needs in order to offer a really excellent kids martial arts program. When a school has its instructors dialed, the rest falls into place.

So now you know what a school needs, but how do you know if a particular school has it? That part’s easy. Sit in on a few classes. The class dynamic will present itself pretty darn fast.

Ifreestyle-martial-arts-academy-kids-classes-1ncentives and offers are awesome. But don’t be swayed just because your kid came home with an invitation for a free class. Check out the school’s website and social channels. Take time to physically walk in and meet the instructors. Talk to other parents whose kids are already in class. Sit, watch and listen.
The best martial arts school for kids in Reno? Like we said, we’re a little biased. But the truth is, at Freestyle Martial Arts, we love our littlest martial artists. It’s an honor watching them go from rambunctious preschoolers to black belts. We’ve had the pleasure of seeing that happen quite regularly, and we think that says a lot
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