Why you can – and should – begin martial arts at any age

Tres WeatherfordIf you’ve got a secret desire to earn a black belt in martial arts, but concerns about your age are holding you back, good news. Whether you’re in your late 30s, 40s, 50s or older, it’s really never too late to start martial arts. Actually, you’ll be in great company.

Six years ago, The Wall Street Journal wrote an article that covered how more and more adults are beginning their martial arts training later in life. And it’s a smart move from more than just a fitness benefit. Studies have confirmed that a consistent, personalized martial arts training program can help increase balance, bone density and hand strength, and even help people with osteoporosis reduce their chances of injuries from accidental falls by giving them skills to fall more safely.

So how does a place like Freestyle Martial Arts in Reno make “hard” martial arts – which includes disciplines like Tae Kwon Do – appropriate and safe for an older student? Just like this.

  • Diverse Student Body

We have classes for little children, youth and adults, and within those age groups are a range of ages and abilities. That means that an older student beginning martial arts will find him or herself in a class with other beginner men and women of various ages – you aren’t expected to keep up with a bunch of 18 year olds.

  • Proper Warm Ups

While our children’s classes warm up and stretch with games, our adult martial arts classes are led through effective techniques to warm up before training. This is designed to lubricate joints and lengthen muscles to reduce injury.

  • Accommodations & Adjustments

Our instructors understand how to offer adjustments and make accommodations for students working through injuries, pregnancies or age-related issues.

At Freestyle, all students are encouraged to move at their own pace and comfort level. Martial arts is an individual sport learned in a group setting. The goal is to be the very best you can be, and that is the measuring stick by which you earn tips on your belt and graduate to higher belts. That means that your personal limits – whether it’s the fact that you’ll never be able to kick someone in the head or reach full center splits – are respected and factored for as you train. You’ll be challenged to work hard and push your limits, but never in a dangerous and intimidating way.

Don’t let concerns about your age or current fitness level get in your way. Check out our special introductory offer, which includes three lessons and a gi, or come by and observe a few classes and tour the school. We’d love to have you.

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