Free women’s personal safety seminar!

Calling all women!

We have fantastic news to share with you! Freestyle Martial Arts is hosting a special event just for you.

On Saturday, November 4th, from 1-2:30 pm, we invite you to join us for a situational awareness seminar designed exclusively for women. This event is more than just a seminar; it’s a friendly, inclusive gathering where you can learn essential personal safety skills in a comfortable environment.

Have you ever wondered how small changes can make a significant difference? Our seminar will answer that question by focusing on practical prevention strategies that can be applied in your daily life. From finding safe routes to recognizing well-lit areas, these simple habits are your key to enhancing your personal safety.

During the seminar, we’ll guide you in recognizing dangerous behaviors and trusting your instincts. Learning to discern subtle signs and avoid potential threats is a valuable skill that we believe every woman should possess.

And here’s the best part—this seminar is entirely free for every woman in our community! We want to make sure that this knowledge is accessible to all, fostering a sense of shared safety awareness and community support. Feel free to bring your friends and family along.

This event is hosted by Danelle Clarke, 5th-degree Black Belt, and Freestyle Martial Arts head instructor. She has been practicing martial arts for over 22 years and has given numerous seminars about situational awareness around the community and teaches women’s self-defense classes.

Get ready to embrace safety with confidence! Join us at the seminar, and together, let’s empower each other, making our community a place where every woman feels secure.

See you there!

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