3 Reasons It’s Time to Start Martial Arts at FMA in Reno

freestyle-martial-arts-reno-youth-classes copyReady for a new approach to fitness? Looking for a way to manage stress effectively? Interested in something the whole family can do? Diehard Cobra Kai fan? If you said yes to any of these, it’s time to consider martial arts. And if you’re in northern Nevada, you have options. But we have three great reasons it’s time to start martial arts here at Freestyle Martial Arts in Reno.


Freestyle Martial Arts is one of the oldest martial art schools in Reno, which means our instructors grew up in the program. That gives them an understanding of the philosophy and curriculum that is completely different from what you could expect with an outside instructor. From our student instructors (more often than not candidate belts and new black belts) all the way to our leadership staff, our instructors have the experience, background, and training for truly excellent instruction.

In addition to being second, third, fourth, and even fifth degrees, our instructors also prioritize being courteous, personable and professional. We love to show them off, so if you’re thinking about martial arts and just starting to explore local schools, consider this a personal invitation to sit in on a class.


Freestyle Martial Arts Academy recently moved from its long-term home on McCarran Boulevard to our brand new facility on Sharlands Avenue off Robb Drive, and we couldn’t be happier with our new space. From dedicated changing rooms, plenty of parking, and the “Mega Mat,” this is truly a great place to train. Plus, we’re still easily accessible right off I-80 in Northwest Reno.


The curriculum for every belt, including black belt testing requirements, is clarified and accessible, so you always understand expectations no matter where you are on your martial arts journey. Here at FMA, our curriculum has evolved in the best way possible since we opened our doors, to ensure that all of our students are challenged while learning valuable skills they’ll use on and off the mat.

Honestly, we could go on and on, because there are so many reasons to start martial arts here at Freestyle Martial Arts, whether you’re considering classes for adults, teens, or kids. Come in for a visit to see them all for yourself!

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