School Picture Week is BACK at FMA!

freestyle-martial-arts-picture-daysSchool picture week is back at FMA, baby! It’s been a picture-less few years, and we’re so excited to bring back this tradition. Time goes fast, after all, and a great photo shoot is a wonderful way to commemorate this time as a martial artist. Details ahead!

School Picture Days

This professional photo shoot is offered October 17-22. There is no sitting fee and you’re under no obligation to purchase. Work with our professional photographer to choose your pose, with or without weapons, and your custom background. Then, choose your photo package and you’re all set! Quick note that we offer individual, partner, and family spots, so you can find something that works for you.

We’re accepting appointments now, and spots fill up quickly. Stop by the front desk next time you’re at the school or call 775-746-3888 to schedule your session.

One more time for the folks in back—picture week at Freestyle Martial Arts Academy is Monday, October 17 through Saturday, October 22, and there is no obligation to purchase and no sitting fee. Enjoy the process and then decide!

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