5 Ways Martial Arts Helps a Child’s Growth & Development

martial-arts-for-kids-freestyle-martial-arts-renoNurturing your child’s growth and development means ensuring they’re getting nutritious food, adequate sleep, and appropriate levels of physical activity. And while traditional group sports like basketball and soccer and volleyball are one option, martial arts is another. But while all of these activities will get your child moving, martial arts has a few benefits all its own. Here are five ways martial arts helps a child’s growth and development.

It’s a Great Form of Exercise

Balancing activity with screen time is really important, and some kids, like adults, do better when they’re being told what sorts of physical movements to complete. Kids beginning in martial arts typically attend classes several times a week. That sort of consistent activity helps develop strength, balance, agility, and flexibility.

It’s Great for Mental Fitness

One of the best parts of martial arts is the mental focus it cultivates. Replicating movements and learning how to turn individual parts into a complete technique requires concentration. Of course, these movements and skills are entirely age appropriate, but the takeaway is the same. To do well, you have to pay attention.

It Develops Discipline

As students progress through their training, they naturally develop discipline and a strong work ethic, because you only get out what you put in. At some point, every martial art students learns that their success is dependent on their efforts. It’s a realization that fosters dedication, focus, effort, and discipline. And those are skills that translate beautifully into other aspects of a student’s life.

It Fosters Social Growth

Martial arts is unique, because it’s a solo sport in a group setting. The team environment, especially here at Freestyle Martial Arts in Reno, fosters social skills and growth. Kids develop camaraderie and in many cases, true friendships with their fellow students, because they’re working towards the same goal. That means they can truly relate to one another, even if they’re in different grades or attend different schools.

Students who learn martial arts in youth classes also benefit when their parents are pursuing their own martial arts goals. The classes may be different, but there’s a bonding experience when both parents and kids can practice their skills together at home. At Freestyle, we see lots of parents who enroll their children and then decide to begin training themselves. And we love it!

It Builds Confidence

Learning the value of hard work in pursuit of a goal is a confidence builder, no matter how old you are, simply because you begin realizing your own potential. Goal setting is an intrinsic part of martial arts. There’s the big goal, the black belt, but there are many belt promotions along the way. And in pursuit of those belt promotions are the tips you receive as you master specific skills. There’s plenty of failure on this path, which is important. You don’t quit just because something’s hard. You work equally hard to improve. And in the process, you build confidence that isn’t limited to your time on the mat.

Getting Started

The best way to determine whether martial arts is a good fit for your child is to give it a shot. If you’re in Reno, we invite you to visit Freestyle Martial Arts. Our kids’ programs are second to none, and we have decades of experience in this area. Check out our getting started offer or contact us today to set up a tour.

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