FMA Wins 2022 Best of Reno Awards!

Results from the Reno Gazette-Journal’s 2022 “Best of Reno” awards were announced last week, and you may recall that Freestyle Martial Arts was in the running. Big news — FMA won!

rgj-best-of-reno-fma-guerrilla-bjjIt’s Kind of a Big Deal

“Best of Reno” is the biggest community opinion poll around, and over 200,000 votes were cast in this year’s poll, with categories ranging from beauty and health to dining and entertainment to kids and services. Freestyle was nominated for best karate school with seriously stiff competition, and we managed to come in first place. To everyone who voted — thank you, thank you, thank you! Votes can be submitted daily during a designated timeframe in the “Best of Reno” poll, and we appreciate every single vote, whether it was a one-off or every darn day for the entire two-week voting period.

It’s an incredible feeling to win a community choice award like this one, and we are humbled, grateful, and so very appreciative.

If you’ve been waiting for these awards to start your martial arts journey, well, that’s pretty smart. We hope you’ll head over to what the Reno community considers the area’s best martial arts school and take advantage of our getting started offer today.

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