It’s May, and That Means… SPAR WARS!

Spar Wars is a time-honored tradition here at FMA, and we’re pumped to host it in our new home for the very first time. Read on for the highlights and get ready!

freestyle-martial-arts-reno-spar-wars-monthQuick Details

What is it? Spar Wars is a month-long May event during which intermediate and advanced students participate in mini sparring tournaments. Points are accrued in each match all month, and the students with the most points at the end are awarded first, second, and third place.

When do these mini tournaments take place? Tournaments are held during the second half of our intermediate and advanced kids’ classes on Thursdays and Fridays.

What do the kids win? Glory! Honor! Prestige! And some sweet medals too.

Why is it a May thing? May Fourth! May the Fourth be with you? Come on, you get it.
Stay tuned for highlights as the month progresses and the big announcement of our Spar Wars winners at the end of May.

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