An Open Letter from Danelle and Scott to the Freestyle Community

It’s been an exciting few months around here, and new FMA owners Danelle and Scott took a few minutes to pen an open letter to the Freestyle community expressing their immense gratitude and general excitement, with a little sneak peek of all the great things to come. We’re sharing a snippet here, but we hope you’ll hop over and read the letter in full.

From the Letter

“If we’re being completely honest, becoming business owners was never the plan. Anyone who knows Scott and me knows that Freestyle is a huge part of our lives. We’ve been training here for over 20 years and teaching for the past 16. We began martial arts so we could do something together and become more active and we’ve never looked back.

Martial arts is a challenge, physically and mentally, and the rewards are immeasurable. Still, training and teaching is one thing — running the entire show is another. So when the opportunity to take over Freestyle came up, believe us when we say it was emotionally charged. But after a lot of discussion and pros-and-cons lists and more discussion, one fact remained — we were incredibly lucky to be part of such an amazing school for so long, and we wanted to give other people the same opportunity.

The truth is that we love this place. We love the families, the students, the curriculum, the energy, and the sense of community. We love being surrounded by people who are driven and focused, and we love that some of our closest friendships have been formed on the mat.

So here we are — humbled, grateful, delighted, mildly panicked, and incredibly excited about all the good things to come.”


Danelle and Scott also share a bit about the few facility, which is currently being built at 6275 Sharlands in northwest Reno. Spoiler — we’re talking dedicated changing rooms, tons of parking, easy drop off/pick up, the return of weapons, tricking, and… drumroll please… Freestyle Fitness!! Oh, and did we mention the Mega Mat? It’s going to be so great. In the meantime, we’re incredibly thankful to the American Legion for giving us our temporary space, and we’ll do our best to practice major patience over here.

Check out the full letter from Danelle and Scott, and we’ll see you on the mat (and soon enough — on the Mega Mat!).

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