Four Reasons Martial Arts May Be A Better Choice Than Group Sports

From soccer to baseball, basketball to volleyball, there’s no shortage of group sports for the kids here in northern Nevada. But here’s a question – have you or your child considered martial arts? Here are four reasons martial arts may be a better choice than (or the perfect supplement to) group sports. 1. Equal playing […]

Four ways to find the best martial arts school in Reno (or anywhere)

If you’re ready to start martial arts, or you’re looking to sign up your kid, stop right there. Choosing the best martial arts school in Reno, or anywhere for that matter, is a big decision. Maybe you’ve driven past the same martial arts academy for the last six years. Maybe your kid came home from […]

Considering martial arts classes? Start here.

Beginning martial arts training can seem like an intimidating prospect for some people. “Oh, I could never do that,” they chuckle uncomfortably, shaking their heads. But the truth is, almost anyone can practice martial arts. And if you’re one of the many people secretly wishing you had a black belt, or knew how to throw […]

Will martial arts make my child violent or aggressive?

Teaching a five year old how to throw a punch, or a twelve year old how to wield a long stick may seem crazy. But at Freestyle Martial Arts Academy in Reno, and many other martial arts schools in town and around the country, that’s exactly what we do. And we’re happy to report that […]