Three Reasons to Begin Martial Arts at Freestyle MA in Reno

If martial arts is part of your plan for 2018 – for you, the kids or the whole family – we think that’s awesome. Check out this post for four ways to find the best martial arts school, and then start here. Here are three reasons to start your martial arts training at Freestyle Martial Arts Academy […]

Two Questions to Ask Yourself Before Starting Martial Arts

If you have this wild idea about starting martial arts, but you’re not sure where or how to begin, you’re in the right place. There are really one two questions you need to ask yourself before starting martial arts, and we’re going to cover them right here, right now. Can you commit to attending classes […]

Reno’s Best Martial Arts Program for Adults is Right Here

Freestyle Martial Arts may be best known for its children and youth programs – and it’s not hard to see why – but it also offers an excellent martial arts program for adults. We’ve written before about why it’s never to late to join martial arts. If you’re considering the benefits of a martial arts program, […]

Three Questions to Ask Before Signing a Martial Arts Agreement

After one ninja movie too many, you’ve finally decided – you’re starting martial arts. That’s awesome! But before you sign on the line, do a bit of homework. There are quite a few martial arts school here in Reno, and they are not all created equal. Use this as a starting point for comparison – […]

Starting Martial Arts as An Adult? Here’s What to Know

There’s a funny perception that if you want to start martial arts, you need to be young. We’re not sure where it comes from, because not only is age (any age, really) no handicap, it’s also not unusual to have beginner adults. If you’ve been considering signing up for martial arts, and you’re worried that […]