Krav Maga Seminar, Only at Freestyle Martial Arts Academy!

Heyyyy advanced Freestylers! What are you doing tomorrow morning? Put in your sick notice or find a baby-sitter now – you need to get to the Neal Fincher Krav Maga seminar! Krav Maga is a self-defense system originally developed for the Israel Defense Forces. It incorporates techniques from judo, boxing, wrestling and aikido, and it’s […]

Freestyle Martial Arts Summer Camp Spotlight: iTrick Camp

Candidate Camp is awesome for FMA members with a brown belt or higher, but about the rest of us!? For members and non-members alike, there’s always iTrick Camp, and that’s exactly where we’re shining the spotlight today. iTrick Camp at Freestyle Martial Arts Academy is for those kids who, literally, seem to bounce off the walls. This camp is designed for […]

Freestyle Martial Arts Summer Camp Spotlight: Candidate Camp

We have good news, and we have not so good news. We’re enrolling for summer camps now, which is awesomely awesome, but here’s the not so good part. Our second camp of the summer is limited to members of Freestyle Martial Arts Academy – and only brown belts or higher. Read on, and you’ll see why. Candidate […]

Freestyle Martial Arts Summer Camp Spotlight: Superhero Camp

Summer is faaaast approaching, and if you have kids, those summer days can get long – if you know what we’re saying. But good news! Freestyle Martial Arts Academy can keep your kids happily occupied during our popular summer camps, and we’re accepting applications now. Today, we’re shining the spotlight on our first camp of the summer […]

The One Thing You Need to Do Before Starting Martial Arts

You’re completely fed up with the monotony of the treadmill/spin/free weights/machines hamster wheel you’re on. Or maybe you’re ready to learn some practical self-defense skills. You want to give the ol’ self-confidence a boost, or maybe you’ve been driving past the same martial arts school for the last five years, and your curiosity is finally […]