Six Benefits of Martial Arts for Kids

How would you describe your child? However you’d describe him or her – little bossy, maybe shy or hyper – chances are good that your child would benefit from taking martial arts. When a child practices martial arts, the important lessons aren’t about punches and kicks. The important lessons are the ones about life. Here […]

Spar Wars, Fall Break Camp at Freestyle Martial Arts in Reno!

October isn’t far away, and parents, you know what that means – time to make plans for fall break. Mark your calendars now – this year, fall break is October 3-7. And Freestyle Martial Arts has this fall break handled, big time. Sign your kiddos up for Spar Wars, our Jedi training camp! Oh boy, it’s going […]

Four Reasons Martial Arts May Be A Better Choice Than Group Sports

From soccer to baseball, basketball to volleyball, there’s no shortage of group sports for the kids here in northern Nevada. But here’s a question – have you or your child considered martial arts? Here are four reasons martial arts may be a better choice than (or the perfect supplement to) group sports. 1. Equal playing […]

The Positive Impact of Martial Arts on Bullying

As a nation, we’ve taken positive steps against bullying, with targeted policies implemented in schools and workplaces. But what can we do to ensure our kids – your kids – have the skills and wherewithal to handle bullying situations on a case-by-case basis? We aren’t advocating martial arts so your kid knows how to pound some […]

Three Things to Know Before Your Child Starts Martial Arts

If your daughter has been bugging you to join martial arts, or you’re looking for a constructive activity for your athletic (or not-so-athletic) son, you may have questions. That’s good! There are many wonderful benefits for children in the world of martial arts, and asking questions is a great place to start learning about them. Here are […]